Warrnambool's Dean Schultz on bond after assaulting sister

​A FAMILY dispute has resulted in a hard- working father being placed on a good behaviour bond after he smashed his sister over the head with a solid wooden chair.

Dean Schultz, 31, of Ross Street, Warrnambool, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court recklessly causing injury and causing criminal damage.

He was convicted and placed on a 12- month good behaviour bond with the condition he follow treatment conditions of a ​doctor.

Defence counsel Michele Downs said a family dispute has arisen after Schultz's sister gave him two bullets for Christmas last year and told him to watch his back which led to an altercation.

Police said that on the morning of July 1 Schultz went to his parents' home at Illowa where he confronted his sister and swore at her. 

He demanded she apologise to his partner and ​their ​children and dragged his sister out of bed by her hair.

After Schultz and his sister yelled at each other, he raised a solid wooden chair over his head and hit his sister​ causing injuries to her head, wrist and shoulder.

He raised the chair with such force he caused $200 damage to the ceiling.

Schultz then hit his sister a second time to the right side of her body.

Magistrate Peter Mellas said Schultz had no prior court appeaances and references indicated he was ​a ​ hard-working family man​.

He said it was fortunate that no long-term physical damage had been caused, which was fortunate but a victim impact statement indicated the victim had ongoing issues.