Orlando's family joyride

Family outing … superstar cruising in the eastern suburbs.
Family outing … superstar cruising in the eastern suburbs.
True pro ... Welsh actor John Rhys-Davies in Sydney.

True pro ... Welsh actor John Rhys-Davies in Sydney.

It seemed the perfect superstar way to spend a sunny Father's Day in Sydney - cruising the eastern suburbs in a spring-yellow Boss Mustang convertible.

Mega celeb Orlando Bloom, his supermodel wife Miranda Kerr, their kite-gripping tot, 19-month-old Flynn, granny Therese and grampa John looked the ideal picture of windswept happiness.

And the good news is you don't have to be rich and famous to lead this lifestyle. S has learned the ''Father's Day pressie'' we mistakenly thought Kerr had splurged on Bloom last week was, in fact, just a joyride.

It seems the owners of the vintage motor were none the wiser until they read S last week. In fact, the car is for sale on the lot at Clayton Bespoke at Rose Bay.

''My guess is they traded on their celebrity for some Father's Day free fun,'' one of the car's flabbergasted owners emailed S last week.

''Last Sunday, Orlando and Miranda took the car for the day. But the car was returned at the end of the day and the broker has not heard back from them since. According to our dealer, Orlando phoned looking for an old convertible. When he said he had a yellow Mustang, Orlando said it was his favourite colour. They took the car for the afternoon and put photos of it on Twitter.

''They returned the car after several hours, said they liked it, but the dealer hasn't heard anything since and they did not leave contact details.''

For those in the market, the now-celebrity Mustang is still on the floor and available for sale.

Mike's golden schedule

Mike Goldman may be the faceless narrator on Big Brother. But don't underestimate this comic with a booming voice and relegate him to the voice-over stockpile.

The one-time warm-up guy's face is back on the radar after signing up to do Gregor Jordan's latest film, Five Spice, after he worked with him on The Great Crusade - a digital interactive Rugby World Cup fan tour film, which has been nominated for an international Emmy award next week.

''I've always been an actor - dad was on [television series, Number] 96 and my mum was a weather girl, so it's in my blood,'' Goldman told S in between voice-overs about the BB housemates on the Gold Coast.

''It's such a thrill to get an Emmy nomination. I really enjoyed working with Gregor and he told me when I'm in LA next time to touch base and promised me a role in his next project.''

Goldman also has a role in upcoming flick Goddess, starring Magda Szubanski and Ronan Keating, as well as starring in his own mockumentary called Shooting Goldman. Plus he is working on a script for a horror film. Phew!

Indiana Jones and the fast crusader

He is best known as the hairy dwarf Gimli in Lord of the Rings and is in town for a promo tour for the DVD box set of the Indiana Jones movies - in which he played famed Egyptian character Sallah. But sit down with Welsh actor John Rhys-Davies, a great raconteur, and the subject bounces between Alzheimer's, breastfeeding, marijuana and Steven Spielberg.

Rhys-Davies is a fascinating mix of intelligence, passion and quirkiness. A self-confessed science junkie, he travels everywhere with the latest edition of Science Digest and he is on the Planetary Society's advisory council. He is also writing a book on adolescent brain development and argues fervently that the legal age for marriage and driving should be 26.

''How can we make ourselves better as people?'' he says. ''I use what minor celebrity I have to try and keep them interested in these things and I'd like to leave the world a better place. One of the things that science teaches is that adolescence is a period of insanity between childhood and adulthood which goes on for a lot longer than we think. I would argue there are consequences of this. I would make it illegal to marry before then [adulthood]. Push drinking and driving ages back. To be brutally frank, we should be executing anyone who offers our adolescents drugs, because the damage is permanent and irreversible. Why not just give our children a full frontal lobotomy?''

His six-year-old daughter, Maia, with his second wife is ''the love of my life'' and he is a devoted dad, with two older sons in their 40s who lost their mum to Alzheimer's. ''I should have had more children,'' he says. ''I like the smell of them, I like drying their tears and making them laugh.''

Rhys-Davies is an advocate of breastfeeding, saying it should be socially acceptable until a child's immune system is fully developed, between four and six. ''Breast milk is extraordinary,'' he says. ''Cow's milk is designed for an animal that has a brain one-tenth the size of a human's. If we started feeding human breast milk to animals, the animal welfare people would be up in arms.''

With his publicist making crazy faces, he segues expertly back to Indiana Jones with a raised eyebrow. ''Of course, I think Indiana Jones is emotionally retarded because his mother died before he could properly wean!'' Talk about a pro.

Travelling a lonely road

Inspirational Sally Obermeder has bravely admitted that in the initial stages of her cancer diagnosis she thought she would die.

"All I heard in my head in the beginning was, 'You're going to die.' But I wavered between this and the trivial – 'I'm going to lose my hair' and 'What about my job?' " she has revealed with brutal frankness.

Speaking about her October 2011 breast cancer diagnosis in the latest issue of Women's Health magazine, on sale tomorrow, Obermeder is painfully honest about the long road ahead. She is also writing a memoir of her journey, which continues this week when she undergoes a mastectomy followed by a full breast reconstruction and a two-month period of recovery.

Obermeder's diagnosis was made at 41 weeks of pregnancy after she told her obstetrician about a lump she had felt in her right breast. Cruelly, she was told she had stage-three breast cancer and her biopsy revealed several "massive tumours" only the day before daughter Annabelle was born.

"There is no good time to get cancer. I get that, and mine is in that basket as well, but I do feel like I've been robbed of certain things in motherhood," she reveals to the magazine, acknowledging the affect her illness has had on being a first-time mum.

"At the same time, perhaps I'm a different kind of mother because of the experience I've had. I'm immensely grateful for all the things that can be perceived as annoying, like having a child wake up constantly during the night. Before [the diagnosis], I, too, may have complained about this; now, I think, 'What a joy. How lucky am I to still be here for her.' "

Obermeder, who still gets out of the house, taking her daughter to the park and on daily walks ("It becomes a small goal: Get out of the house and have a good time."), continues her determination to fight and has already done eight months of chemotherapy, had a mastectomy and daily radiation. "It's a long road. Although it's common, cancer is such a lonely disease; it's nice to know that you're in people's thoughts and prayers," she says.

To help Sally out, Women's Health will launch a live auction from Monday to raise money for her treatment. Four designers (Ellery, Akira, Anna & Boy, Jac+Jack) and a stylist were asked to work their magic on Nike Free Run +3 running shoes. The shoes will be auctioned on eBay from October 1-15.


S hears model Kristy Hinze was due to land in Sydney last week, but a last-minute illness left her postponing her plans. Whispers say she was to arrive in Sydney via private jet with gazillionaire hubby Jim Clark and baby Dylan in tow, but will now head straight to Hamilton Island where, S has also learnt, she has booked out the exotic Qualia resort. ''I can confirm she is coming to the island some time this month,'' a spokesperson for the luxury resort admitted to S when pressed.

It was a family affair, Barnes-style, when former The Voice divas Prinnie Stevens and Mahalia Barnes got together for a bit of midweek music magic at Upstairs Beresford to launch their new album, Come Together. Guests included three-quarters of Cold Chisel (Don Walker, Ian Moss and, naturally, Mahalia's dad, Jimmy Barnes) as well as Kerri-Anne Kennerley (pictured), Sarah de Bono and Darren Percival. Also there was her half-brother David Campbell and uncle Diesel, who helped out on guitar for their take on his 1990s hit All Come Together, which features on the new album.

Staff at new designer hotel QT Sydney, which is above the State Theatre and Gowings and has its grand opening on Tuesday night, will give new meaning to getting ready for work. All have been styled into characters and cast to adopt different personas and outfits by costume designer Janet Hine. S hears an in-house make-up artist will do their hair and make-up before each shift. Now that's commitment to a job.

Spring is a great time for romance to blossom, and so it has for Mix FM drive host Sami Lukis. We are happy to report Lukis, whose intimate documentary, Sami's Baby, showed her consumed by thoughts of becoming pregnant and her quest for a child as a single mum, is now head over heels. ''I'm loved up,'' she admitted to S last week, revealing her new fella is former Waratahs rugby fullback and businessman James Godfrey, who is now the head of sport at Sydney boys' school Newington College.

Gloss addict Kirsten Carriol is negotiating the coming Asian launch of her skincare brand, Lanolips. Speaking to S during breaks in her ''go-to-see'' list, which includes Yasmin Sewell, Carriol told S from Seoul she has been impressed with the beauty industry there: ''This city is hot! I'm officially addicted to Korean fragrance sticks, by the way.'' Since launching her lip balm here in 2009, the brand has branched out to Britain and Hong Kong. Celebrity fans include Dannii Minogue, Georgia May Jagger, Lauren Bush and Kelly Rowland.

Reality has set in for new mum Sara Huegill, who is back to business after an eight-week post-Olympic holiday with hubby Geoff and nine-month-old baby girl, Mila. She is starting her own boutique PR agency but is first helping launch an art exhibition by international model Anja Konstantinova for RMK shoes on Wednesday night at China Heights Gallery. Konstantinova and her boyfriend, DJ Matt Saville, are said to be the new ''Bambi-slash-Dan Single''. Which is fashion speak for ''couple of the moment''.

This story Orlando's family joyride first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.