Bond after vigilante assaults man

A YOUNG man who punched a Warrnambool bottle shop attendee received a good behaviour bond yesterday.

Tyson Jenkins, 26, of Nina Court, Dennington, pleaded guilty in Warrnambool Magistrates Court to one count of unlawful assault.

The court heard Jenkins was in a car that pulled into a bottle shop on Valentine’s Day this year.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Sandra Skilton told the court Jenkins got out of the car, spoke to the attendant, made a purchase and then attacked the victim after the he placed a slab of alcohol in the rear of the car.

The victim was hit twice and had his jumper ripped in the altercation, which caused both men to fall into a display stand.

The court heard that another man then jumped out of the car and told Jenkins to get in the car, which then drove off.

The police prosecutor told the court the victim received a sore shoulder but no visible injuries.

Jenkins told police he knew the victim and “didn’t know why (the victim) was working there”. 

The court heard that the victim had been through the courts for matters relating to children.

Defence counsel Matt Senior described his client’s behaviour as “clearly deplorable” and said Jenkins was affected by alcohol and had objected to the fact the victim was working near a “child-friendly establishment”.

Magistrate Peter Mellas said Jenkins had no right to take matters into his own hands.

“Too many people come into this court because they feel they can administer justice,” Mr Mellas said.

“There is a system in place for dealing with people who commit offences.

“(The victim has) come back into the community and has a job so he’s contributing and trying to make changes and then someone comes along and decides ‘that’s not good enough for me and I’m going to deal with it my way’.

“Why can’t (Jenkins) accept (the justice system)? It’s not for him to get involved in the administration of justice.”

Mr Mellas noted that Jenkins was in a stable relationship, had a good job and no prior criminal history.

He placed Jenkins on a 12-month good behaviour bond and ordered him to pay $350 to the court fund, which helps people in need.