Alleged burglar weeps in court

A PAIR of shoes gave away an alleged burglar who broke into a house on Thursday and threatened residents with a jemmy bar, a court heard. 

Christopher Chapman, 28, of Fitzroy Road, Warrnambool wept in the dock yesterday as he pleaded to be released during a bail application over charges relating to the alleged offences. 

Police allege Mr Chapman broke into a Warrnambool home at 3.30am on Thursday.  

Prosecutor Senior Constable Paul Harris said two men and a woman were home at the time.  “The accused demanded of everyone present to ‘give me everything’,” Senior Constable Harris said. 

It was alleged Mr Chapman ordered valuables to be removed from the house and placed on the lawn or he would “run through” the house with 10 other people. 

The accused had been wearing a black hooded jumper tied up to show only his eyes. Senior Constable Harris said the accused kicked a dog and smashed a car window belonging to a victim as he left. 

Mr Chapman was then alleged to have left the scene in a car driven by his girlfriend. 

Police had later stopped Mr Chapman as he drove past the address. 

“When he spoke with police the victims identified the accused by his voice and by his shoes,” Senior Constable Harris said.

The hooded jumper, jemmy bar allegedly belonging to the accused had been discovered at his girlfriend’s home a short time later. Police were also investigating the discovery of clothes buried in the garden relating to another burglary in Cudgee.

Mr Chapman is facing multiple charges of burglary, threat to cause injury, criminal damage and handling stolen goods.

He represented himself in Warrnambool Magistrates Court and asked to be given bail to return home to his two children. Magistrate Andrew Capell denied bail. 

Mr Chapman will face court again on Monday.