Moyne Shire allows user-pays road sealing

MOYNE Shire Council has revised its policy on the sealing of unsealed roads following a resident’s offer to pay the $10,000-$15,000 cost of covering a 100-metre section outside his property. 

The shire’s physical services director Trevor Greenberger told the recent council meeting the offer by a resident to pay for the  works was “unprecedented” and worthy of consideration.

In his report, Mr Greenberger said the resident lived on a gravel road and was concerned about the dust created by traffic. 

The council carried out dust suppression work on the road about twice a year but the benefits were only short-term, Mr Greenberger said.

The resident’s offer to pay to have 100 metres of the road sealed would provide significant savings to the council, he said. Under the revised policy, the council would consider the sealing of unsealed roads where all of the costs were met by the affected residents, with their contribution based on the length of property frontage, plus a proportionate rate of any remaining length. Mr Greenberger said the revised policy meant other residents of the same road could be offered the opportunity to pay for the sealing of the road.

Residents in other areas of the shire such as Shady’s Lane at Mailors Flat, Wiggs Lane in Warrnambool’s north and Factory Road at Allansford could also be offered the opportunity to pay for the sealing of their dirt roads.

Cr Anthony Keane asked what would happen if one resident from about 20 objected to pay a share.

Mr Greenberger said the length of road to be sealed would be reduced in proportion to the loss of the objector’s contribution.


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