Artist explores choice, change in exhibition at The Artery

 Warrnambool artist Barb Fulton with some of her works at The Artery gallery.
Warrnambool artist Barb Fulton with some of her works at The Artery gallery.

DOORWAYS, dragonflies and gingko leaves are the common imagery of Warrnambool artist Barb Fulton’s exhibition which opens tonight at The Artery.

Titled Threshold, the collection of paintings on canvas and paper combines those visual elements to hint at themes of choice and change.

Tonight’s launch begins at 7 o’clock and will also feature a performance of a new contemporary dance display called In Her Boots.

The dance piece, performed by the Blue Boots Youth Dance Company, tells the story of two friends and how their paths intertwine as they grow older and make choices.

Fulton said she was pleased to have In Her Boots performed at her exhibition opening.

“It seems to be linked in with the paintings (thematically),” she said.

Fulton said the combination of doorways, dragonflies and gingko leaves was representative of two of life’s biggest influences — choice and change.

“We often wonder what would have happened if we’d made a different choice … or stepped over into a (different) passage,” she said of the doors, which were aesthetically influenced by doorways she had seen in Europe, China and other countries she’d visited.

“I retired a few years ago so I started to think back a bit.”

As for the dragonflies and the gingko leaves, Fulton said she was fascinated by how they were living fossils and basically unchanged since the Jurassic period.

“(Also) dragonflies are like the canary in the mine — they love a clean environment. They’re a sign of a healthy garden and a healthy world.”

The exhibition will be officially opened by local art identity Des Bunyon tonight and it will run at The Artery until May 25.


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