Witness king of tides with a camera on south-west coast

STAND ready with your camera on Sunday as a king tide hits the south-west coastline. 

While the tide may only reach about one metre, your photograph could help raise awareness about the threats posed by rising sea levels, according to Green Cross Australia.

The not-for-profit organisation aims to help build a sustainable future and runs the Witness King Tides project, which encourages people to submit their images.

The king tide will peak in Portland at 2.37pm. In Warrnambool it will rise at 3.06pm and is expected to be about 0.73 metres. 

Its effect in the south-west area can be witnessed from any coastal point between January 4 and 6.

Green Cross Australia CEO Mara Bun said it was vital the community played its part in the campaign.

“Our coasts are changing with storms and sea level rise, so it’s important that the Warrnambool community is empowered to think ahead about choices we’ll need to make in response,” Ms Bun  said.

“Witness King Tides is about educating and engaging the community on this important issue.”

King tide is used to describe an especially high tide event occurring twice a year, when there is alignment of the gravitational pull between sun and moon. 

They happen naturally and regularly, are predictable but not an everyday occurrence.

Western Australia experiences the largest tide range, with anywhere from one to 11 metres.

Submit king tide images to www.witnesskingtides.org

A king tide is expected to hit the south-west coastline on Sunday.

A king tide is expected to hit the south-west coastline on Sunday.


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