Angelina Ballerina in Warrnambool: it's tutu good to be true!

Rosie Cosentino, 3, (left) and Konstance Jumas, 3, give Angelina Ballerina a kiss.
Rosie Cosentino, 3, (left) and Konstance Jumas, 3, give Angelina Ballerina a kiss.

TUTUS were the garment of choice among children when Angelina Ballerina visited Warrnambool’s Fun4Kids Festival yesterday.

The famous dancing mouse had crowds practising pliés and arabesques during two packed performances.

Professional entertainer and Angelina’s co-star Sarah Hamilton, who goes by the stage name of “Sam” in the shows, said the festival atmosphere was “awesome”.

“It’s great for Angelina to experience Fun4Kids,” she said.

“The audience has been great, they’re all really into it.

“The kids ran right up the front when we started.”

Hamilton said the Melbourne-based, Entertainment Store show encouraged children to follow their dreams and was written so the characters could interact with the audience.

“I ask the children to help me learn to dance,” she said.

“I get them doing dance moves so they can teach my character — they become teachers like Miss Lilly, Angelina’s ballet teacher.

“The moral of the story is maybe you don’t think you’re good at something but if you have fun and you practice, things will be good in the end.

“It’s about making the children feel good about themselves and what they can do. Practice, practice, practice, like Angelina says.”

The Angelina Ballerina stage show targets three to five-year-olds and was adapted from Katharine Holabird’s book series and the television program of the same name, Hamilton said.

She said it was a focus of every performance to get the male members of the audience engaged.

“We did have some of the boys dancing today which was great,” she said.

“We always try and get the boys involved, even though it can be a bit tricky with ballet.”

Hamilton had a special message for all Angelina Ballerina fans.

“Keep dancing,” she laughed.