The truth will come out

In the November 2012 issue of the Warrnambool City Council publication C2C, profiles are given for all of the newly elected councillors, together with their aspirations for the future of Warrnambool.

Worthy of note, our mayor, Cr Michael Neoh, stated: “I will continue to ensure there are opportunities for all residents to have a say”. 

What a load of meadow mayonnaise. Compare these words with Cr Neoh’s handling of the Warrnambool City Council meeting on January 21.

As mayor, he deliberately and carefully orchestrated the effective gagging of any councillor debate. 

His actions effectively denied other duly elected councillors of their right to express their views on an issue that is of considerable interest to local residents.

We note that the Pope has resigned, so perhaps he could take a leaf out of his book.

On the question of the “Wilma-gate” affair, previously we all thought that dear “Wilma” was female and a genuine local resident of Hopkins Point Road.

What a shock for “Wilma” to read in The Standard one morning that she had suddenly changed gender and is now to be known as “Jacob”. 

But dear readers, let not that tear drop from your eye for “Wilma”. In reality, she is possessed of a very vitriolic pen and beset herself (without provocation) to endeavour to undermine the good names of three councillors, who at that time were standing for re-election to the council.

“Wilma”, through her newspaper writings, successfully contributed towards achieving the non re-election of the then very competent lady councillor.

So much for “Wilma”. I do ask — was this a deliberate ruse by some person in Warrnambool to use Jacob Anson as a means to make it all seem totally “above board” and to assist in the non re-election of a councillor who had constructively thought for herself?

As the late dear old Banjo Clarke once said to me: “Long runs the fox Frank, but the dogs will get him in the end.’’

Frank McCarthy Snr, Warrnambool