Speedy delivery, no questions

AS THE fallout from the Australian Crime Commission report began, Fairfax Media decided to find out how easy it was to buy the substances listed by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency as being widely misused in professional sport and by the broader population.

The website mrcpeptides.com.au, owned by controversial sports scientist Stephen Dank, had for sale the three products highlighted in the report: CJC-1295, GHRP-6 and Hexarelin.

With a few clicks, they were bought 11 days ago, costing Fairfax Media $900. An email confirmed our purchase, indicating the goods would be sent a short time later.

The only information required was a name (Nick Ralston), an email address (my web-based email address) and a delivery address (the Pyrmont address of Fairfax).

Another email arrived about three hours later from one of the directors of the Medical Rejuvenation Clinic, Australia Ed Van Spanje, whose website had authorised the purchase.

''Due to the current media frenzy regarding AFL, NRL and ARU and peptides we require additional information from our customers so we can provide the products via a doctor's prescription,'' the email read.

''The products will be sent immediately upon receipt of this additional information. If you do not want to fulfil this request we will happily refund your money.''

It then requested answers to questions including what medications we were taking, what injuries we suffered, brief descriptions of allergies and any present or previous conditions and symptoms.

We did not reply and that was the end of it … or so we thought.

On Monday, another email arrived, indicating that my order was being processed and, sure enough, within 48 hours the products had been delivered.

By mid-last week, the website had been stripped of all products previously advertised for sale and the only thing available for purchase was attendance at a 90-minute seminar next month by professional body-builder Ivan Sadek.

This story Speedy delivery, no questions first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.