Lack of Locke brings on proposal for Nova host

Nova's <i>Nathan, Nat and Shaun</i>.
Nova's Nathan, Nat and Shaun.

Nova breakfast host Natalie Locke got a shock to the system when she found out she had been proposed to – on her own Facebook page.

After finishing on-air this morning, the status update "Can you believe it – Gavin just asked me to marry him!!!! I told him I will think about it, what do you reckon?" appeared on her Facebook page and a flurry of congratulatory messages were posted in return.

It turned out, however, she was the victim of a Facebook "hack" by co-host Nathan Morris.

"It was Nathan – what a terrible, terrible human being," she said, with Morris' laughter clearly audible in the background.

She said it couldn't be true because her partner, Gavin Bartel, "wouldn't propose at 9am and if he did, I wouldn't accept it!"

Within fifteen minutes Locke had posted another update to clear-up the situation, but not before her parents caught wind of the "news".

"My phone's been ringing off the hook," she said.

"My sister in law's already seen it; she lives on the same farm in Esperance with Mum and Dad so she would have run straight and told them!"

While it's usually Nathan and Nat who team up and play jokes on third Nathan, Nat & Shaun co-host Shaun McManus, Nat is certain she'll "get Nathan back".

"Nathan Morris is in massive trouble," she posted on Facebook.

"I will have revenge. Yes, yes I will."

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