Sign of a good business

A shining light for small business on the importance of providing quality customer service.

I recently contacted a local small business to supply signage applicable to our small business. My phone call with the manager was assuring and left me with confidence that a product to my requirements could be achieved. 

Given the recent breakdown with telecommunications, the product was finished within the timeframe that suited me. 

The supplier notified me via email that the signage was finished and I could pick it up when next in Warrnambool.

On arrival at the business’ car park I was greeted by one of the tradesman who gestured to me to come to the entrance of the workshop and inspect the sign. This small gesture showed me that customer service was a focal point within this business.

What really amazed me was the fact that this tradesman had only met me once prior, over two years ago on-site at our business to install other signs and he had the foresight to spot me in the car park and take me straight to the product without any prompting or questions asked.

Secondly, the design and manufacturing ideas that went into the finished product were outstanding. Small businesses everywhere are finding it tough. Right now is the time for all business to make sure their customer service is exceeding their clients’ expectations.

Used correctly, small business has a huge advantage in providing quality one-on-one service — just think of the last time you tried calling one of the large corporations.

Congratulations to Dan and Brady at Cassigns for your leadership in providing such a high level of customer service and quality products.

Shane Clancey, Basalt Wines, Princes Highway, Killarney