Beware erosion of rights

The Gillard government’s attack on freedom via the proposed “Human Rights and Anti-discrimination Bill 2012” has 179 pages and the devil, in more ways than one, is in the fine print. 

Andrew Bolt was fined for “discrimination by offending someone against their race or religion” (Section 18 C of the Racial Discrimination Act).

 Now the new federal law will include political opinion. 

If during work you offend someone by your comment about the carbon tax you can be taken to the Human Rights Commission. 

Also, to make it worse, under Section 124 of the Act the onus of proof is on you to prove you are innocent.

 This is against 800 years of fundamental principles of common law. Since 1792 the term “innocent until proven guilty” has been enshrined in our legal sphere and now our Gillard government wants to reverse this law. 

Piece by piece new laws have been creeping into our lives un-asked and they are gradually removing our basic freedoms as were guaranteed by the United Nations Acts, to which Australia was a signatory.

The silent majority of us are too busy working hard to pay much attention to what appear to be basic laws helping human rights but which contain radical agendas of a green-cum- far-left group trying to alter our social order, with propaganda similar to a communist state.

Peter M. Couttie, Kerrs Road, Portland


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