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Stay safe with gas appliances after flooding

To ensure your safety it's important to have a licensed gas technician check your gas systems and appliances after flooding. Picture supplied.

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We've all witnessed the heartbreaking clean up after the devastating floods many communities around Australia have experienced in recent times.

One of the many potential hazards those who have had their home inundated have had to deal with is what to do with flood-affected gas appliances.

It's something home-owners in this situation need to take extra care with, said Edith Butterfield, general manager, marketing, at Elgas.

"When you're dealing with everything after a flood event it can be overwhelming, but our simple safety message when it comes to any gas appliances is to make sure you have it professionally checked before switching it on, even if it looks dry," she said.

Don't assume flooded affected appliances are safe to use even if they look undamaged. Picture supplied.

"Any gas appliance such as indoor and outdoor heaters, stoves or hot water systems that have been affected by flooding can be really dangerous to use so they need to be inspected by a licensed technician."

Ms Butterfield said when an appliance is inundated with flood water it can result in water and mud residue getting inside the gas train, the pipe designed to allow for the safe flow of gas to your burners.

"You can't easily see it but it means you could end up getting the wrong mixture of gas reaching the burner or you can get incorrect or missing ignition of the gas mixture," she said.

"So either the gas doesn't ignite or doesn't ignite when it's supposed to. Both of these can lead to incomplete combustion of the gas which can then pose further safety risks."

Flood water can also get into the appliances' electrics, thermostats and valves, causing unsafe operation including gas leaks.

"The damage can lead to gas leaks allowing the gas to spill out and pool in the surrounding area which could be your kitchen or your living room and can create a really serious hazard," Ms Butterfield said.

While some gas appliances affected by flood water can be repaired and used safely, any that have been submerged will need to be replaced.

"Getting in touch with a licensed gas technician or a licensed plumber will help make sure you and your family are safe," Ms Butterfield said.

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This is branded content for Elgas.