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Store your stuff with a TAXIBOX delivered to your door

TAXIBOX On-site Storage is stronger, sturdier and secure. They give you more space at your place while you're renovating, remodelling or just reimagining.

This is a commercial collaboration with TAXIBOX Mobile Storage.

If you've been feeling weighed down by stuff lately, you're probably not alone. Most of us know what clutter feels like, but let's be honest, lugging things to storage facilities is a hassle.

The good news is: with TAXIBOX, the storage comes to you, to make your life easier. Driven by their belief that Australians deserve more space, TAXIBOX helps you lighten your load so you can get on with the good things in life.

Taking the hassle out of storing by bringing the storage directly to you via mobile TAXIBOXES, the crew at TAXIBOX are in the business of making sure your stuff is stored safely-anytime you need, no matter what your location.

We know what you're probably thinking: where can I get a TAXIBOX delivered? After all, given the geographical vastness of our sunburnt country, there's a lot of land to cover. But the answer is: pretty much anywhere. Keep reading to find out where you can get a TAXIBOX delivered to fulfil your storage needs.

TAXIBOX Mobile Storage is just like regular storagebut way better! They take the hassle and stress out of storage by coming to younot the other way round.

At your place, on your property

Got space at your place? You can have your TAXIBOX delivered to your address. Get your storage unit dropped off at your door and eliminate the need to schlep your stuff across town to be stored. Popular TAXIBOX delivery spots include:

  • Driveways
  • Front lawns
  • Backyards
  • Carports

Once your TAXIBOX is positioned on your property, you'll have plenty of time to pack it as you desire. Because, let's be honest, arranging boxes and belongings in a tidy fashion is an art that can't always be hurried, especially if you're trying to avoid your sporting equipment taking out your wedding China.

TAXIBOX also offers mobile Cool Rooms, perfect for events, restaurants, and more.

TAXIBOX tip: Live somewhere with nightmare access? Let the TAXIBOX team know ahead of time. Steep driveways and awkwardly-shaped backyard gates are things that your delivery driver will need to take into account ahead of time and ideally not upon arrival.

Out the front, on your street

Don't have a driveway or a backyard? Don't stress. Just think of a TAXIBOX the same way you would a car-something on wheels that can pull up out the front. According to the team at TAXIBOX, a street-style TAXIBOX delivery looks something like this:

  1. Your TAXIBOX will be labelled as a registered trailer and parked on the street outside your place.
  2. You'll then have up to 1 day to pack your TAXIBOX at your own pace.
  3. The day after its delivery, your fully-packed TAXIBOX will be collected by the team and taken to its next destination.

A popular choice for individuals who don't have a driveway, a big yard, or a carport, an on-street delivery allows you to pack your belongings at home before sending it off for storage, without having to transport it to a remote storage facility all by yourself.

TAXIBOX tip: If your place is hard to access-on a tricky street or surrounded by parking restrictions-make sure you give TAXIBOX a heads up. The team will help you strategise the best plan of action.

Turn stuff into space with TAXIBOX's simple awesome storage.

On a busy, congested street

Need your TAXIBOX dropped off on a busy street? No worries. The TAXIBOX team can navigate even congested, parking metered inner-city roads and idle for up to 30-minutes while you pack your TAXIBOX on the spot.

TAXIBOX tip: Make sure you're ready to rumble, and pack, when your TAXIBOX rolls up. Your driver will be following a strict schedule, so you'll want to make sure you use every one of your thirty minutes wisely.

Any place where there's enough access

In a nutshell, you can get a TAXIBOX delivered virtually anywhere, all the TAXIBOX team need is the access. Find out how much clearance you need for your TAXIBOX delivery on their website, here.

Still don't think you'll have the delivery space and still desperate to store your belongings? Simply take your stuff to a TAXIBOX facility and load your TAXIBOX on site.

Ready to get storing? TAXIBOX can deliver virtually anywhere. Seriously. Get an instant quote and book online today.