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How family and friends can support during tough timesAdvertising Feature

WRAD has delivered services for people affected by substance use addiction for more than 30 years, and can also assist their families and friends.

In addition to a range of interventions including clinical counselling, non- residential rehabilitation, pharmacotherapy, group work, peer support and support through consultation with an addiction psychiatrist, WRAD recognises the impact and challenges of being in a close relationship with someone who is struggling with an addictive behavior.

Parenting at times is hard; being in a relationship at times is hard; being a sibling at times is hard. If you are a concerned parent, partner, sibling or friend who is looking for ideas or support or guidance about how to help your loved one who is using substances, WRAD's Family and Friends program can help.

"You may have concerns about your loved one's focus at school, work, choice of friends, or becoming more distant with you, or you may be facing sudden and terrifying changes," WRAD operations manager Mark Powell said. "Whatever your particular mix of worries as a loved one or support person, their substance use, including alcohol, tends to make it that much more stressful and it's important to get support for yourself.

"The aim of the Family & Friends program is to focus on you and help improve your quality of life, coping skills and support systems. It is about helping you to regain control of your own life."

Family & Friends is intended to assist anyone affected by the addictive behaviour of someone close to them. It is first and foremost a self-management program and follows the framework of SMART Family & Friends, an evidenced-based program providing practical tools for living in the present that work from a rational emotive behaviour framework.

If you would like more information or wish to seek individual support as a loved one of someone with an addiction, call 1300 009 723.