Success of Warrnambool Council's Green Plan starts with you

LOOK ABOUT: You can discover plant species such as the Banksia marginata or Silver Banksia in the region, and help scientists in the process . Photo: Kevin Sparrow

LOOK ABOUT: You can discover plant species such as the Banksia marginata or Silver Banksia in the region, and help scientists in the process . Photo: Kevin Sparrow

The Warrnambool City Council wants to help you help the environment.

The Green Warrnambool Plan sets a vision for Warrnambool to be Australia's most environmentally sustainable regional city. It's a bold vision, and it will take the entire community working together to make it a reality.

With this in mind, there are simple things we can all do to help make a difference.

Council has lots of programs that can help set you on the right path whether you're a business owner, a gardener, a photographer or interested in getting out in nature and exploring the local plants and wildlife.

In 2020, the Warrnambool Plant Selector was launched on council's website.

Developed by council with assistance from the Warrnambool and District branch of the Australian Plants Society, the online tool allows gardeners to select plants based on a range of factors including type, size and water requirements.

People can also choose between Australian plants and plants local to the Warrnambool region.

"The benefits of planting Australian plants and in particular those which occur naturally in our region are many," Warrnambool mayor Cr Tony Herbert said.

"For starters you will have a lovely, appealing garden that would require less water than a more traditional cottage garden with lots of northern hemisphere plants.

"And your native garden will also provide habitat for wildlife.

"Native plants often grow quickly and it is amazing to see how quickly native animals can find the plants they need to feed from and shelter in."

Now is the perfect time for planting, so visit to check it out.

For businesses, council offers free energy audits.

The sustainability audits provide business owners with a report outlining major cost and energy savings which could be implemented.

It's a great first step for businesses who are eager to improve their bottom line while reducing their carbon footprint.

Warrnambool businesses can now finance sustainability-focussed building upgrades via the Sustainable Australia Fund.

The fund provides competitive loans which are repaid through council rates.

The loan is attached to the property rather than an individual and can be repaid over several years - an innovative approach that reduces financial risks for individual business owners.

Businesses can visit or to learn more.

And finally, did you know that you can help the environment and science by taking photos of the plants and animals you see while exploring Warrnambool?

The Wild Warrnambool BioQuest hosted by QuestaGame tasks you with finding and taking photos of wild animals, birds and plants.

You then upload those photos via the QuestaGame mobile app or website and score points.

You can choose to make your photos available in places like the CSIRO's Atlas of Living Australia and help professional scientists working in the field.

Who knows what you'll find? New species have even been discovered by QuestaGame players.

The Wild Warrnambool BioQuest is a challenge within QuestaGame to better understand Warrnambool's biodiversity.

All you need to play is a camera, whether that's the camera on your smartphone or the latest release from Canon.