Banemore stud prepares for dispersal

Banemore stud principal David Jenkin.
Banemore stud principal David Jenkin.

Preparations are in hand for the Banemore dispersal sale of 120 registered breeders, including older females, two-year-old heifers and elite yearling one-year-old heifers.

The sale also includes 35 two-year-old bulls and 15 elite one-year-old bulls.

All stock are DNA tested for pedigree and screened for genetic diseases.

This is to be a big event on the hereford calendar as the Banemore herd is a pioneer in genetic evaluation with the aim to produce commercial herefords that perform.

Stud principals David and Judi, and Jonathan and Jo Jenkin have made the decision to disperse the stud operation as part of succession planning.

David and Judi have handed over the running of the property to Jonathan and Jo, but they do not have the time to continue stud operations and wish to focus on commercial production of cattle and prime lambs.

The Penshurst stud represents 60 years of breeding, starting from an offshoot of the well-known Nayook Stud, in Mt Gambier.

In 1981 the Nayook Stud and herd were dispersed, and Mr and Mrs Jenkin brought two thirds of the Nayook Stud to Banemore, which became involved in the program that pioneered Breedplan in Australia.

With an exceptional history of genetic selection, the stud holds five-star completeness status for Breedplan performance recording.

The stud breeders in Banemore now total 200 and the dispersal sale will take place on Thursday, March 5 at Banemore,

In addition to 35 rising two-year-old bulls, the 39th and final sale will include registered seedstock hereford females and elite yearling bulls.

Progeny of Banemore Herefords has been widely recognised for carcass quality, growth attributes and hardiness, and has played a key role in improvements to herds across southern Australia.

David Jenkin recalled highlights from the stud's 60-year history, going back to successful bull testing days in Albury in the 1980s, and winning carcass competitions and beef expos.

"By far the greatest achievement is seeing the Banemore progeny produce efficient, high yielding, high growth herefords across herds in NSW, Victoria, SE of South Australia and King Island," he said

The Banemore herd was part of the establishment of Breedplan in Australia, now a worldwide classed genetic evaluation program.