Getting the right fit for school shoes means a future of happy feet

GETTING ready to go back to school means it's also time to start looking at school shoes.

Wearing the correct shoes is a vital ingredient for active growing bodies so getting the best advice is of vital importance.

The foot is a complex piece of biology. Each human foot has 25 bones, four arches, 19 muscles, 107 ligaments and 250,000 sweat glands, as well as nails, skin and tendons?

The human foot also has a gruelling existence - the average person walks 4000km every year, which is more than the distance from Sydney to Perth - so it pays to look after them.

Rauerts Shoex takes the guesswork out of getting the right shoe for the right foot.

"A reputable shoe store with trained shoe fitters will measure and evaluate your children's feet to get the correct size," owner Peter Rauert said.

"Because school shoes vary so much in size you need to be very careful buying online. Most brands vary in size. "Plus these days shoes come in UK sizes, USA, Euro, and even women's multiple fittings."

Mr Rauert said Clarks shoes make it easier to get the perfect fit in a modern school shoe.

"Most of these shoes come in multiple width fittings with the popular boy shoes, Daytona, coming in five width fittings, from narrow D to extra-width H."

What to look for when buying school shoes:

  • Length - Good length for a growing foot
  • Width - Enough room and no cramped toes
  • Instep - Should slip on without being tight
  • Arch - Good arch support
  • Topline - Should clear ankle bones
  • Heel grip - Good heel grip, no slip