Hamilton police ‘relieved’ over abduction hoax

The abduction of a 17-year-old Casterton boy was a joke taken too far, says Hamilton police.

Detective Senior Constable Blake Amos, from Hamilton police crime investigation unit, said police were notified of the abduction of a 17-year-old boy by his family and friends on Thursday evening.

He said family members received a Snapchat that lead them to believe that the boy had been abducted. 

But police located the boy a short time later in the Casterton area and it was revealed that the abduction was a hoax.

Detective Senior Constable Amos said the incident was a joke that had gotten out of hand. 

“From our end it was a relief,” he said. 

“Abductions like that are very rare and generally don’t occur, so it was a relief to have found out that it wasn’t real and that the boy was safe and well.” 

Detective Senior Constable Amos said charges would not be laid.