Michael Healey jailed for third time

A SHEARER twice jailed for ice trafficking this year is at enormous risk of being deported after being imprisoned again.

Michael Wayne Healey, 45, of Raglan Parade, Warrnambool, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to recklessly dealing with the proceeds of crime, drug driving, fraudulent use of number plates, carrying a pocket knife and two counts of unlicensed driving. 

On February 18 he was jailed for six months for trafficking ice and intentionally causing injury before being further imprisoned for another six months for again dealing ice – two months of which was added to his existing sentence.

His earliest release date was December 18.

Police intercepted Healey in Warrnambool on February 5 and 16.

He was unlicensed after his licence expired in 2013 and the vehicle he was driving had the front novelty number plate of “Mongrel”.

He tested positive to driving under the influence of ice the second time, which he said he didn’t realise was still in his system. 

Police found the vehicle had been stolen and Healey said he bought it from a mate. 

On February 5 Healey was pulled over with his son in the car. 

He was intercepted about 30 minutes later and his car was impounded for a month, attracting fees of $1005.

Lawyer Jennifer Tinetti said her client hoped when he got out of jail he would go to live with an adult child in Echuca before heading to Western Australia. 

She said Healey realised he was “very much at risk of being deported” to New Zealand on his release from prison.

On the new charges Healey was jailed for 30 days with 25 days to be served concurrently with his current sentence.

Five days were added to his existing jail term, meaning he is expected to be released on December 23.