Tree blocks Henty Highway as bleak weather continues for south-west

Portland SES were busy overnight with a large tree that fell onto the Henty Highway, blocking both lanes to traffic. 

A crew worked with Woodrowe Tree Technicians to remove the tree while Portland police dealt with the large amount of traffic that was banked up along the road. 

Portland experienced peak wind gusts of 65km/h at 4.40am on Tuesday.

The rest of the day will see more showers and a possible hail storm across the region. 

Temperatures dropped below seven degrees overnight and are expected to reach a top of 14 in Warrnambool on Tuesday, 11 in Colac and 12 in Hamilton. 

A cold front will approach the region in the afternoon after a chance of hail and a thunderstorm in the morning. 

It was 6.4 degrees in Warrnambool at 8am but it felt like a chilly -0.3. 

Warrnambool has seen 7mm of rain since 9am Monday, Port Fairy 11.8mm, Hamilton 8mm and Portland 4mm.