Robbie Harrison has case adjourned for plea hearing

THE victim of a shocking head stomping attack, who has an acquired brain injury and a long criminal history, is expected to have assault charges finalised in September.

Robbie Harrison, 39, of Karana Drive, Warrnambool, appeared in Warrnambool court for a contest mention hearing and indicated he would plead guilty to unlawful assault and recklessly causing injury.

That hearing is set for September 21 when Corrections staff will provide a report on Harrison's latest community  order.

Police said that at about 7pm on March 31 a nine-year-old boy was riding a scooter in Wanstead Street.

Harrison confronted the boy and took the scooter off him. A teenager went to the young scooter rider's aid and Harrison pushed him to the chest.

Soon after the father of the scooter rider and the teenager approached Harrison, who head-butted one of the men to the face. The victim’s mouth bled and he lost a tooth.

Lawyer Louis Robertson said his client was approached by the men and claimed to have acted in self-defence.

Magistrate Ron Saines said the incident happened when Harrison was on a community corrections order.

He said Harrison had previously been jailed for violent offending and if any charge was proven in a contested hearing then Harrison risked serving more time in prison.

Ms Saines said if Harrison pleaded guilty to the assaults he would not be immediately jailed.

But the magistrate requested an Office Of Corrections report be prepared for the plea hearing next month, which could lead to breach proceedings and possibly resentencing.