Leigh Noonan pleads guilty to punching neighbour

A DISPUTE between neighbours over security cameras has resulted in a Warrnambool man being ordered to pay $250 to the court fund.

Leigh Geoffrey Noonan, 46, of Canterbury Road, appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court for the contest mention hearing this week.

He ended up pleaded guilty to unlawful assault, was not convicted and placed on a good behaviour bond with the condition he pay $250 to the court-based charitable fund.

Police said that about 6pm on January 4 Noonan was at work when he checked his home security cameras on his mobile phone.

He found two of his cameras where not operating.

His wife checked the cameras and confirmed they were not working.

Footage showed a neighbour hitting the cameras with a long pole. He is going through the court diversion program.

Noonan went to his neighbour's front door and punched him twice to the face.

They soon after had a heated verbal disagreement over their fence.

Noonan initially denied the assault, asking police to check his hands and asking did the victim have blood on his face.

The neighbour had two black eyes.

An ambulance transported the neighbour to hospital where photos were taken and medical notes compiled.

Lawyer Xavier Farrelly said there was now a reduced chance of reoffending as his client was seeing a counsellor.

Magistrate Ron Saines said that regardless of the history of a dispute, there was never a reason to resort to violence.

He said the incident appeared to be an end point in a long-running dispute but regardless of the frustration and anger, violence was never an option.

Noonan had no prior court appearances.