Andrew Jennings, 26, remanded in custody

A HOMELESS thief charged with the robbery of a vulnerable man has been remanded in custody.

​Andrew Jennings, 26, of no fixed address in Warrnambool, unsuccessfully applied for bail in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court on Friday.

He was remanded in custody until July 30.

Mr Jennings has been charged with the robbery of a vulnerable victim, which allegedly happened at 2.15pm Wednesday in the Parkers car park, east of Liebig Street.

An incident in the Crawley Street area also happened at lunchtime on Thursday and has led to a charge of assault with a weapon.

A woman co-accused in her 30s, Rebecca Harold, was also arrested, interviewed, charged with robbery and released on bail. She is accused of being a look out.

Warrnambool police Detective Senior Constable Nick Roberts said Mr Jennings and Ms Harold approached a man with an acquired brain injury at 2.15pm on Wednesday near the old Thomas Jewellers building.

The vulnerable man was asked to go to the Parkers car park where he was told to stand on a painted line. 

Mr Jennings then demanded the victim hand over his wallet.

He refused, was forced to the ground and his wallet was taken.

Witnesses then intervened.

The victim suffered grazes to his hands and knees and he was deeply traumatised.

The wallet was dumped in a bin near the intersection of Liebig Street and Raglan Parade. 

Security camera footage from the nearby South West Credit Union clearly shows Mr Jennings and Ms Harold.

A bank card and $50 was removed from the wallet.

Ms Harold was arrested and made full admissions to police. 

About noon on Thursday Mr Jennings and another man were walking along Raglan Parade near Laverock Road.

There was an aggressive interaction between the men and the victim was slapped to the face and punched to the chest.

Mr Jennings is claimed to have produced a knife and although the victim was not physically injured, he felt threatened and scared. 

Mr Jennings was arrested later in Wanstead Street wearing the same clothes and with $50 cash. 

Detective Senior Constable Roberts said Mr Jennings was not interviewed as he was drug affected, couldn’t keep his eyes open and couldn’t keep still. 

He opposed bail saying Mr Jennings had committed a violent unprovoked attack on a vulnerable member of the community who suffered an acquired brain injury.

“It happened mid-afternoon on a weekday in the school holidays,” he said.

“Mr Jennings is clearly using illicit drugs and has offended in an attempt to feed his habit.”

Detective Senior Constable Roberts said Mr Jennings had 10 prior court appearances for failing to attend at court when on bail. 

Mr Jennings said he had to get out of custody as he was depressed, upset and put down.

He said his father was sick.

“This has all been a steep learning curve. I will go to rehab or hospital. I need one chance. I need to be in hospital so I can take the next step,” Mr Jennings said.

In refusing bail, magistrate Cynthia Toose said Mr Jennings had also breached bail conditions up to 10 times and his prior court appearances had caught up with him.

Mr Jennings was in Warrnambool court on June 18 charged with offences including theft of a school ute and was placed on a corrections order.