Triton Woodworkers are as popular as ever at Flagstaff Hill

ABOUT 70 children a day have made their way to the Triton Woodworkers for the past fortnight.

The volunteers have been at Flagstaff Hill as part of the Little Winter school holiday program.

Triton Woodworkers Louis Seater and Michael Mattner said visitors had said they’d missed Fun4Kids but had still enjoyed seeing what Flagstaff Hill had to offer.

They said although they had much less space and were offering about half the projects they would have at Fun4Kids, the response from families and children was still special.

“Here the kids can see what it used to be like,” Mr Seater said.

Mr Mattner said the volunteers continued to enjoy helping the children and seeing them learn new skills.

“It’s the kids, when you see their faces light up because they’ve finished a job,” he said.

“We had one fella who said there’s nothing like this in Melbourne.”

Tanya and Jame Rodrigues, from Highett, visited Warrnambool for three nights with their two children Taj and Rahni.

Mrs Rodrigues said they saw the sound and light show on Friday night and decided to come back on Saturday for the woodwork.

“It’s lovely,” she said. “It’s just good to get them away from technology.”

Shannon and her husband Luen Ponnellon, from Birchip, brought their son Isaac to Warrnambool for the school holidays.

Mrs Ponnellon said they’d seen whales four days in a row and were hoping to spot another on Saturday.