Joshua Aitken not convicted and fined after raid uncovers range of drugs

​A DELIVERY driver caught with a smorgasbord of drugs, ammunition and 4000 ​empty ​capsules has been fined not convicted and $2000.

Joshua Mark Aitken, 24, of Shaw Street, Warrnambool, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to possessing the range of illicit and prescription drugs.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose told Aitken that if he had a problem with drugs he needed to seek assistance.

She said that Aitken would now be targeted by police and if he persisted using drugs he would be back in court again charged with more offences.

Police executed a search warrant at Aitken‘s home at 7.10am on March 26 and he admitted having one capsule of ecstasy. 

Offices found 16 Viagra tablets, three vials and one eye-dropper bottle of GHB (total about 60 millilitres), 11 tabs of LSD, one capsule of ecstasy, zip lock bags with traces of MDMA, three shotgun cartridges, 1000 empty capsules and a capsule filler board.

Aitken admitted using ecstasy but said he hadn’t used GHB for some time.

His only prior court appearance was for a driving offence. 

Lawyer Adam Bellman said his client had been a recreational drug user who​,​ since the police raid​,​ no longer used illicit substances.

The magistrate imposed the heavy fine saying there was a wide variety of drugs found and a suspicious number of empty capsules.