Matthew Howarth pleads guilty to thefts, fined $300

A WARRNAMBOOL thief who stole from his mother and stores has refused to go on a good behaviour bond because of the condition he not use illegal drugs.

Matthew Howarth, 22, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to five charges on Tuesday and was not convicted and fined $300.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose had offered to put Howarth on a good behaviour bond with the condition he not use illegal drugs.

Howarth declined that proposal and Ms Toose said it was clear that the defendant would continue to use illegal drugs.

Lawyer Louis Robertson said his client had been in custody for the first time since Monday afternoon and he had no prior court appearances.

He said Howarth had been stressed and that led to conflict with his mother.

Mr Robertson said he had been instructed not to tell the court some of the information he had been provided.

He said while his client had used ice and cannabis in the past he did not have a daily drug habit or addiction.

The lawyer said his client had $100 stolen from him at a basketball court which left him short of money and he stole a shirt, drink and food that he said he needed.

Ms Toose asked Howarth to think carefully before using drugs which could have a negative impact on him due to the medication he was taking for mental health issues.

Police said that Howarth stole a $7 shirt on July 7 and the following day stole $50 off his mother.

His mother believes Howarth is using ice and he had twice stolen cash from her in the past.

She said his behaviour was deteriorating, he had threatened to smash windows and he had grabbed her handbag, taken the $50 and fled.

On Monday morning Howarth attended at a service station and stole two cans of Red Bull worth $11.

Later in the morning he stole meat valued at $20 from a supermarket and a $4 drink.

He was arrested on Monday afternoon.