Corey Wood placed on good behaviour bond for theft

A Magistrate labelled a young thief “a dill” after he spent two nights in police cells because he refused to attend court.

​​Corey James Wood, 20, of Flaxman Street, Warrnambool, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to theft of a TV antenna worth $8.50 and two counts of failing to appear on bail.

He was not convicted and placed on a six-month good behaviour bond.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose told Wood after he spent two nights in the police station cells that if he hadn’t learnt his lesson now he never would.

“Mr Wood, you’re a dill. You thought the antenna was nice and​ ‘I’ll take that’ and then twice didn’t bother turning up in court,” she said 

​"I’m sure the two nights in the police cells were not a pleasant experience​.”

​Lawyer Jack Rabl said after stealing the antenna his young client had put his head in the sand.

“He simply wanted to avoid the consequences,” he said.

Police said that in October last year Wood went to the Best Buys store with two other people, selected a TV antenna, which he ​put down his pants, and walked out of the store. 

He was approached ​by​ the ​store ​manager​,​ who did a pat down search but failed to locate the antenna.

The manager went back in the store and reviewed security camera footage which confirmed the theft had taken place. 

Police officers arrested Wood and a co-accused later that same day and the antenna was located in the co-accused’s back pack.

Wood admitted to officers he had “dacked” the antenna.

He then failed to appear in court twice and was arrested at the weekend before appearing in court on Monday.