​ Mark Dixon fined for theft of meat and breaching order

​A PRESTON man pulled over in Camperdown at the weekend while visiting his mother has appeared in court charged with stealing meat two years ago.

​​Mark Dixon, 49, of Preston, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court ​this week to theft and breaching a court order.

He was pulled over for a routine check at the weekend​ in Camperdown​, found to have warrants out for his arrested and was remanded in custody to appear at court.

Police said that two years ago Dixon went to a Melbourne supermarket where he put a large amount of meat in two Aldi shopping bags.

He paid for other it​e​ms, but not the meat, and was stopped by a loss prevention officer. 

The meat was valued at $231.

Dixon ​t​old police that back then he had fallen on hard times.

Lawyer Jack Rabl said Dixon now had his life back on track.

 He is working as a concrete​r​, in a stable relationship, no longer drinks and was just visiting his mother when stopped by police for a routine check on Sunday.