Chloe Leddin fined $1000 for assault with a weapon

A WOMAN who threatened a man with a metal pipe when she was accused of letting out her dog has been fined $1000.

Chloe Leddin, 33, previously of Young Street, Horsham, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to assault with a weapon.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said an assault charge did not have to involve a physical assault.

She said Leddin had committed the offence in the presence of her eight-year-old child, which did not send the best message about resolving issues.

Police said that at 8.15pm on January 2 Leddin went to a man's home while he was working on a car.

She got out of her car armed with a piece of black pipe and told the man she was going to smash him or his car.

When interviewed by police, Leddin said she believed the man had let her dog out a number of times.

She said she did not know she could be charged with assault if she had not physically attacked the man.

Leddin has a prior court appearance for a similar offence.

Lawyer Jack Rabl said his client had engaged in unacceptable behaviour but she had a long history of mental health issues.

He said she was now off alcohol and drugs, was taking her medication and living with her mother in Warrnambool.