Security ​officer reports Jarrod Bullen, offender placed on CCO for drug dealing

​AN 18-year-old drug trafficker caught outside the Seachai Irish pub dealing has been placed on a corrections order.

Jarrod Bullen, of Pound Road, Colac, and Couchs Road, Scotts Creek, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to five charges including trafficking drugs.

Police were called to the Seanchai Irish pub by a security guard at 2am on February 10.

​Bullen sat by himself in the pub on his mobile phone for much of the night and was ejected from the licensed premises about 2am for being intoxicated. 

He was seen in the ​smoking area of the hotel acting suspiciously and attempting to exchange items with another man.

They walked down a nearby lane and​ a security staff member made ​a ​call to police.

Officers arrived at 2.35am and they found Bullen appeared under the influence of drugs.

They ​located ​ a deal bag containing 1.09 grams of MDMA ​(ecstasy) ​and two LSD tablets.

His mobile phone was seized and police found a large number of images of illicit drugs, some of Bullen with drugs.

Police executed two search warrants, finding a deal bag of 1.5g of blue MDMA powder, empty capsules, 3.4g of cannabis and in a tyrerepair kit another 30.2g of ecstasy.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said Bullen had made a bad mistake which had the potential to torpedo his entire future.

“What on earth was he doing? I understand it’s out of character​ and​ he’s a hard worker but he’s made a grave error,” she said.

Lawyer Patrick McComish said his client had just moved out of home at the time of the offending and had been experimenting and partying.

“He’s now back under the watchful eye of his parents,” he said.

Bullen was fined​ $500​, not convicted and placed on a 12-month CCO with conditions he do 120 hours of community work as well as assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and programs as requested.