Brian Bell fined $2000 for drink driving after crashing into a wallaby

​A THREE-TIME drink-driver who collided with a wallaby on his motorbike when more than four times the alcohol limit ​has been ​fined $2000.

Brian Bell, 52, of Tarrant Street, Cobden, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to drink driving, saying that on the day ​of his offending ​he found his father was suffering from bowel cancer.

He was convicted, fined and banned from driving for 20 months. 

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said the accident nearly ​had ​catastrophic consequences.

She said she took into account that Bell had ​received distressing news, but he was drink-driving with an extremely high reading which put other road users in danger.

Police said that at 11.45pm ​on September 12 last year ​Bell was riding his green Kawasaki motorbike east on the Cobden-Warrnambool Road at Naringal when he ​struck a wallaby.

A blood sample taken at 1.30am recorded an alcohol reading of .204.

He told police: “I just found out Dad had cancer. I decided to go home. It was a bad decision.”

Bell said the damage to his motorbike would cost about $1000 to repair.

​The magistrate said Bell had two prior convictions for drink driving, at .129 in 1991 and .158 in 1996.