Aaron Toohey fined $3000 for trafficking and using drugs

A WARRNAMBOOL man caught with prescription medication tablets taped to his butt and drug trafficking messages on his mobile phone has been fined $3000.

Aaron John Toohey, 40, of Kelp Street, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to trafficking and possessing drugs.

Police executed a search warrant at  Toohey's home on January 3 and found .22 grams of ice on the dash of his car.

Four prescription medication tablets were also found taped to the skin of his buttocks.

There were numerous messages on his mobile phone relating to drug trafficking, with deals up to $850.

He admitted smoking ice on New Year's eve and swapping ice for cannabis.

At 2am on April 19 he was again found with ice when a car was intercepted in Wanstead Street.

He had no prior court appearances. 

Lawyer Xavier Farrelly said his client's life started to unravel 12 months ago when he came home to find his partner moving out.

"He was taken completely by surprise," he said.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said clean drugs tests had been provided to the court and it now seemed that Toohey had weaned himself off drugs.

She said having prescription medication taped to his skin  was "bizarre".