Brazen thieves raid sleeping couple’s house in Warrnambool

Brazen thieves stole irreplaceable items while a pregnant woman and her husband were sleeping in their Warrnambool home.

Summer Jones and her husband Nick woke at 6.30am on Saturday to discover thieves had stolen everything from cash, credit cards and computers to a diamond wedding ring and a computer hard drive containing three years of travel photos. 

Mrs Jones, who is 34-weeks pregnant, and her husband, were asleep upstairs in their Spence Street home above the office of the Atwood Motor Inn, which they have run for the past nine months.

“It’s really disappointing because no amount of money can replace some of those items,” Mrs Jones said. 

“We had photos that aren’t valuable at all to anyone else, but are very valuable to us.” 

Mrs Jones said it was frightening to know thieves had entered the property while she slept.

“We didn’t hear them and we didn’t know they were there, that’s probably the worst feeling,” she said. 

“We went to bed the next night with very bad thoughts. I’m pregnant with only six weeks to go so it’s a blessing that we didn’t come downstairs and that no-one got hurt.” 

Mrs Jones said the offender didn’t enter any of the motel rooms despite 85 per cent of them being occupied. 

“Fortunately we were able to keep the motel running over the weekend,” she said. 

“We’ve since had all the locks changed and the door frame repaired. 

“I just hope that we can find some of the more valuable items again.”

Detective Senior Constable Richard Hughes of the Warrnambool Criminal Investigation Unit said a door to the motel office was jemmied open by an unknown offender, who then entered the property while the Jones’ slept upstairs.

A black tote style handbag, Nikon brand camera and an Apple watch and computer were among the items stolen from the property. 

Other personal items included an Australian passport, a wallet and the hard drive and wedding ring. 

Senior Constable Hughes said he believed the items were worth about $5000.

He said the burglary occurred sometime between 10.30pm on Friday and 6.30am on Saturday. 

Anyone with information should call Detective Senior Constable Hughes on 5560 1174 or Crime Stoppers.