Warrnambool Swimming Club is on the right track after its short course meet

The future is looking bright for the Warrnambool Swimming Club’s competition squad.

More than 65 swimmers, ranging in age from 7 to 25 years old, competed in the club’s short course meet at AquaZone on Saturday and Sunday. Coach Jayson Lamb said the club’s junior shone the brightest.

“Will Elliott, who is 15 years old and a bit of a late comer, swam in his first meet and he has done really well,” Lamb said.

“We go through to some of our younger swimmers in the Van Zyl girls, Hannah and Carla, and Evie McCosh have all put in wonderful performances.

“Their skills, which you are trying to develop at this age, are really good and they get confidence out of these sort of competitions.”

According to the club’s coaches, the team would have accumulated over 200 personal bests across the two-day competition, with many of the swimmers taking 20-30 seconds off their best.

Lamb said a break after the summer season had worked for the whole squad.

“They needed a break because they have trained hard over the summer, so they needed a break and dived right back into it,” he said.

“It’s more mentally than physically. They can handle a lot the physical side but they need a mental break and it has worked really well for us in the end.”

WSC was also well represented by older and experienced swimmers at the meet.

“Sarah Flaherty, Tessa Lane, Taylah Daffy, Chloe Windahl and Sebastian Christie-Crane are swimming really well at the moment and have performed well here,” Lamb said.

“They are just getting better every time they get into the pool at training or at meets.

“The older you get the harder it is to do pbs all the time, but they are still doing them which is really good.”

Lamb said there would be a number of events for the swimmers to build up form for the country short course championships in Wangaratta in the middle of August.

WSC is also experiencing strong number growth, according to Lamb.

“We now have 110 swimmers, which is really good for a country club,” he said.

“I was only saying yesterday that we have so many juniors coming through and new kids which is the future of our club.”