Plenty of land available for city living

Warrnambool has enough residential land supply for the next 25 years, a new city council report shows.

The Warrnambool Residential Land Supply Report 2018 update was tabled at the monthly council meeting.

It says there is not any pressure on the council to rezone more land after council officers undertook an audit of residential land supply across the municipality. 

The report found there was a total of 5964 vacant lots within the municipality at the end of 2017.

As a result there continues to be adequate zoned land to meet projected population growth until the year 2036.

There is about two-and-a-half years supply of development-ready lots and around 22 years supply of zoned residential land across the municipality. 

Since 2004 the council has undertaken work to rezone four growth areas within Warrnambool to accommodate future demand for residential development and address the projected growth in population.  

“Detailed land building activity collected for the last seven years shows that an average of 185 lots is created per annum, matched by the number of dwellings completed,” the report said. “This signals that there is no over supply or under supply of residential land and that land is developed once titles released.” 

Councillor Peter Hulin commended the report, saying not too long ago the council had a real issue with not enough land.

“Council has worked extremely hard to put out land for people to live in,” he said.

“We have areas with magnificent views, areas along rivers and areas along the coast. That attracts people to our city.”