Historicals, June 1986

There was plenty happening in Warrnambool in June, 1986.

WARRNAMBOOL was in need of all styles of housing according to the Warrnambool Development Board. The board adopted a policy calling for a variety of building styles after two months of consultation.  

BIG plans were announced at Warrnambool Institute of Advanced Education. Leading these plans was a $4 million plan for a student village, which would house 200 people.  

A PLAN released by the Local Government Commission said the number of municipalities in Victoria could be halved. In all four options put forward by the plan, the townships of Camperdown and Port Fairy would be merged into larger councils. 

WARRNAMBOOL and District Base Hospital’s annual fete netted more than $3000 in less than three hours. The fete was held at the Temperance Hall and attended by more than 500 people.