Chief Warrnambool detective asks businesses to be aware of scammers

WARRNAMBOOL’S chief detective said businesses could put simple checks in place to avoid being a scam victim.

Detective Sergeant Andrew Raven, of the Warrnambool police crime investigation unit,  made the comment after a number of city businesses were targeted, highlighted by Emmanuel College being the victim of a $480,000 fraud.

​"Businesses need to ensure sufficient workplace training is conducted for all employees ​to avoid becoming a scam victim," he said.

​"Ensure your staff are aware of this ​email bank account change ​scam and understand how it works, so they can identify it, avoid it and report it to police.

​"And also ​consider a multi-person approval process for transactions over a certain dollar threshold. "

​Detective Sergeant Raven said everyone should double check all ​email addresses​, as scammers can create a new account which is very close to the real one​.

"But, if you look closely you can usually spot the fake​," he said​.

​"Do not ​seek verification via email ​as you may be simply responding to the scammer’s email or scammers may have the capacity to intercept the email.​”

The detective said if you think a request is suspicious, telephone the business to seek verification of the email’s authenticity.

​"Do not call any telephone number listed in the email​, instead use contact details that you already have on file for th​at business, or that you have sourced independently​, such as from a telephone directory​," he said​.

​"Do not pay, give out or clarify any information about your business until you have looked into the matter further.​"

Detective Sergeant Raven also advised businesses to check their IT systems for viruses or malware​.

​"And also​ always keep your computer security up-to-date with anti-virus and anti-spyware software​," he said​