Two female dealers and heroin addict with "raging habit" jailed

A MAJOR drug trafficker who also stole clothes from the Salvation Army while doing community work has been jailed for seven months.

 Julie Ann Murphy, 43, of Warrnambool, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to five thefts as well as trafficking ice, possessing the proceeds of crime (about $3000 cash), bail offences and breaching her community corrections order.

Police allege Murphy was already on a CCO when she stole bags and suitcases of clothes five times from the Salvation Army while doing community work.

On May 24 Warrnambool police raided Murphy's home and found cash, digital scales, a tazer, methamphetamines and a mobile phone.

A search of her partner's cooler box in a dairy located another mobile phone, a glass pipe, other drug paraphernalia and .5 grams of ice.

On the mobile phones police found extensive evidence of drug trafficking in Ararat, Portland  and Warrnambool.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Sandra Skilton said Murphy was selling ounces of ice for up to $8500 in single deals.

She sold ice to eight different contacts and police alleged she was trafficking drugs to dealers.

When interviewed, Murphy denied trafficking and explained many people messaged her asking her for drugs but that she just joked with them because she wanted them to like her.

The messages included a sales pitch about the quality of the drugs she could provide.

Murphy has four pages of prior court appearances, including minor drug offences.

She previously worked at a video shop and a clothes shop, both of which have closed down.

Murphy was jailed for seven months and has already served 14 days of that term.

In a separate case a fourth-time drug dealer has been jailed for five months.

Louise Gavin, 36, Warrnambool, pleaded guilty and has already served 42 days of her five-month prison sentence.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said Gavin was not beyond hope as she had previously served an extensive period on parole and a stint at rehabilitation centre Odyssey House.

She said Gavin had to focus on her children to motivate her lifestyle change.

In another case, a Portland heroin addict with a “raging habit” has been jailed for four months.

Adam Jacob Barry, 34, admitted to 12 charges including repeatedly driving while unlicensed and stealing anything he could get his hands on to fund his heroin habit, including a girl's bike.

He put clothes, bikes, a mobile phone charger, a clothes line and a car exhaust system on buy, swap and sell social media sites.

Lawyer Louis Robertson said his client woke up every morning with a raging heroin addiction and Barry admitted he needed a circuit breaker with a spell in prison.

He said the offending was indiscriminate and Barry had previously served a five-month jail term for offences involving dishonesty.

The magistrate said the 43 days in custody before sentencing was nowhere near enough and told Barry he had to deal with his addiction.