Plan for King George Squuare

A PROPOSAL for a new traffic plan for Port Fairy’s King George Square has been put out for public comment.

The plan has been developed by Moyne Shire Council to meet the expected demand of extra traffic once the new restaurant at the wharf is operational. Currently, there are entrances into the area from the north and the south. The proposed plan would remove the northern entrance, with traffic only allowed to enter from the south.

This would make the traffic flow one-way, with signs to be installed to convey this.

There would also be removable bollards put in place between the restaurant building, which is due to open soon, and the river.

The changes have proposed to give clarity to pedestrians using the restaurant.

The plan has been developed by council staff with councillors voting to put it out for public comment at their May meeting in Mortlake on Tuesday. 

The public have 28 days to put forward submissions, something councillor Daniel Meade is urging people to do.

“This is an opportunity for the community to have their say on the matter,” he said.

“Take this opportunity if it is of interest to you.”    

The report from council said safety concerns with vehicle and pedestrian conflict have been identified on the west and east sides of the restaurant.

It said with the current traffic set-up, there was potential conflict with cars going both north and south and patrons leaving the west entrance of the building stepping out into what is a narrow and busy carriageway.

The report also states support from a major stakeholder of the wharf area.

“The proposal has been presented to the Port of Port Fairy Board who are supportive of the planned improvements,” the report said.

The project would involve the erection of signage, road marking and bollards, with these measures estimated to cost $5000.

As well as the restaurant, the wharf development will feature a take-away fish and chip shop.