Reducing roadside growth

Daniel Meade.
Daniel Meade.

A PLANNED reduction in fees is aimed at helping Moyne Shire Council win the battle over maintenance of roadside vegetation.

In their 2018-19 draft budget, Moyne councillors have slashed the cost of roadside grazing permits in the shire from $30 to $10.

The draft budget is open for public submissions with councillors voting to make it official at their June meeting.

Moyne Shire councillor Daniel Meade said a reduction in the cost of roadside grazing permits would have multiple benefits.

“The change to $10 means it is really just a nominal fee now which we hope will encourage more farmers to do it,” Cr Meade said.

“Obviously, it is a chance for farmers to get access to more feed for their stock which is a plus.

“Council sees it as a pro-active way to control roadside growth which can be a real issue.

“The less roadside growth, the less fuel there is for fires.

“The roadside growth, when it is out of control, is a breeding ground for weeds and pests so we want to restrict that.”

Cr Meade said Moyne is also considering the possibility of offering new roadside hay and cropping permits. 

While a number of farmers across the shire have these permits, new ones have not been offered for a number of years. 

The call for greater access to roadside growth comes after Cr Meade tabled a motion at Moyne’s April council meeting, asking for a meeting with state government to seek the removal of permits needed for clearing roadsides.

He received the backing of fellow councillors, with Cr Ian Smith saying a cut in red tape was needed to reduce the risk of fires caused by dangerous roadside growth.  

Late last year, Moyne Shire released a list defining what roads it was responsible for the maintenance of and what were under VicRoads control. 

Roads marked in yellow on Google Maps are the domain of VicRoads while white roads are under the authority of Moyne Shire.