'Push and shove' prompts umpires to delay senior South West District league match

Opposing club presidents are hosing down the temporary suspension of a football match because of alleged unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Coleraine and Dartmoor leaders say Saturday’s South West District league senior game ended in good spirits following a fiesty start and “at the end of the day we all had a beer together and moved on”.

Umpires delayed play after unsportsmanlike behaviour at the quarter-time break before presidents addressed their players.

The circumstances prompted AFL Western District to remind clubs to play “in the spirit of the game”.

Coleraine president Ashley Lambert said all parties worked together to ensure the game continued in a fair manner.

“They were sort of kissing and cuddling but there was no punches thrown,” he said.

“It was basically a little push and a shove. There were no yellow cards, there were no reports and at the end of the day we all had a beer together and moved on.

“I don’t think either team would like to be labelled bad sports, let alone the league.”

Dartmoor president Tony Woodall said “there was nothing in it” but respected the umpires’ decision.

“The umpires did a wonderful job and the game was played professionally after it,” he said. “After they spoke to us presidents they were as good as gold and happy with how the game played out.”

AFL Western District general manager Kate Williamson said it was paramount clubs and umpires worked together.

“We don’t want to see these issues. If they happen, we want the leadership at club level to correct that,” she said. “Generally football is played in the spirit of the game and when it’s not, the umpires are empowered to make adjustments.”

Williamson said Coleraine and Dartmoor club officials worked with umpires to produce “a good example of those in positions of power leading by example”.

“They’ve obviously got a big part to play in things going smoothly, so I was really pleased to hear they were involved, they took action, they worked with the umpires for a positive result,” she said.