Gamers set to compete in 24-hour “old school” tournament

A MULTIPLAYER gaming event where users bring their own computer may seem like a fairly big technological leap, but in reality it’s quite “old school”.

Jason Thornton, one of the organisers of the 38th LAN of the Damned 24 hour gaming event, said internet gaming had become more popular.

But there are a number of gamers, including Mr Thornton, who enjoy battling it out on the PC in the same room as their opponents.

“When we first started, playing on the internet wasn’t such a big thing – people only had dial up internet and it was a lot more common to get together with your mates and play together.

“The social aspect is probably why we keep having them.

“At these events you can get up and talk to people or yell across the room at someone who just killed you.”

The 24-hour event, held at Brauer College, attracted dozens of gamers from all over the south-west – some who were set to compete through the night.

Warrnambool’s Alex Sherbak, 26, was hoping to take home a title in one of the three competitions being played at the event.

He built his first PC at the age of 12 and has been playing against mates and online ever since.

Mr Sherbak regularly competes against other games online in the US, Europe and China.

He is clearly dedicated to gaming, playing for 72 hours without sleeping when GTA 5 was released.

“I’ve met a lot of people online and it’s great when the community comes together,” Mr Sherbak said.

Mr Thornton said some gamers would rely on caffeine to help get them through the tournament, while others would probably have a nap in their chair.

There are three competitions being played in the tournament.

“We’ve got popular games like Heroes of the Storm and we always have an old school tournament too with an older game.

“This time it’s going to be Worms, so that’s always good fun.”

The cost of entering the tournament was $25 and competitors brought their own PC.