Danniker Slater remanded in custody until May 25

​A HAMILTON district woman is unhappy her legal matters have been unable to be finalised after it was discovered she is now facing seven sets of police charges.

Dannika Slater, 22, of North Wallacedale Road, Wallacedale, was refused bail in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court after being charged by Hamilton police with steal clothes valued at $130 late last week.

She acted irrationally after being arrested on Wednesday last week and efforts to transport her to Warrnambool late that day were un successfully after she kicked out while in a police divisional van.

Now, it has been discovered Ms Slater has other briefs of evidence listed in other courts.

Solicitor Jack Rabl indicated that it’s likely Ms Slater will eventually pleaded guilty in Warrnambool court to many of the charges.

Negotiations between Mr Rabl and police are ongoing and a plea hearing has been scheduled for May 25.

Ms Slater requested all her charges be finalised this week but she was told that would not be possible because time had not been set aside for her matters, which are expected to take the best part of an hour to be heard.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose noted there was no application for bail.