Thomas Davis fined $1000 after punch in pub

​A PUBGOER angered after he lost his Mexican sombrero hat, who punched another patron to the face, has been fined $1000.

Thomas Lee Davis, 18, of Lynch Lane, Mailors Flat, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to unlawful assault. 

Police said that Davis and the victim were not known to each other before the incident.

A missing Mexican sombrero hat has led to an offender appearing in court.

A missing Mexican sombrero hat has led to an offender appearing in court.

At 1am on December 17 th victim was at the Seanchai Irish Pub in Warrnambool. 

Davis approached him, asked for his hat back, gave him three seconds to provide his hat, counted down and then punched the victim to the face.

The victim fell back and blood started gushing from his nose. 

Davis fled the pub but he was known to a person ​in the hotel ​and his identity was passed on to police.

The victim was taken by police to the Warrnambool Base Hospital where he was assessed and treated.

He suffered no major injuries.

Police tried to arrest Davis early on January 1 when security staff pointed him out​ as the man involved in the hat ​altercation but he again fled.

He was interviewed by police on January 11, telling officers he had an incomplete memory of the incident because he had been drinking.

Security camera footage showed a woman​,​ who was standing with the victim​,​ had taken Davis’ Mexican sombrero hat and thrown it into a nearby booth. 

A solicitor said it was his client’s first appearance in court, he had argued with his girlfriend that night and his judgement was impaired by alcohol.

He has since the incident reduced his alcohol consumption and been banned from the pub.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said the community and the courts were fed up with ​​gratuitous violence involving people drinking alcohol at licensed premises. 

She said Davis had no prior court appearances, his references indicated his actions were out of character and she expected he would never be involved in similar offending again. 

He was given a chance to avoid a conviction.