Stormy Shepherd pleads guilty to trafficking range of drugs

A WARRNAMBOOL drug dealer described as a "one-stop pharmaceutical outlet" has had his sentenced adjourned so he can attend rehabilitation.

Stormy Max Shepherd, 33, of Glenview Drive, was arrested in November and charged with 18 offences, including eight counts of trafficking drugs.

On Friday he pleaded guilty to a reduced number of charges in the  Warrnambool Magistrates Court.

His case has been adjourned until April 30 when it is hoped that it will be confirmed that Shepherd will go into a rehabilitation centre in late May.

Police said that at 4.40pm on November 18 Shepherd was arrested at the Sherwood Park train station on a warrant for failing to appear in Sunshine court.

He was observed getting off the bus, handcuffed but attempted to flee and was taken to ground.

His backpack was searched and police located a large range of drugs.

Officers found 12 capsules of heroin, a rock of the same drug and two zip lock bags of heroin.

There were also 12 zip lock bags of amphetamine, two zip lock bags of of ecstasy, 30 tabs of LSD and four different prescription medications involving more than 170 tablets.

Shepherd also had cocaine in his possession, digital scale and a kubaton key chain weapon.

Police noted most of the drugs were packaged for individual sale.

Defence counsel Jack Rabl said his client was in possession of a large amount of different drugs, but  had been engaged in the limited sale to friends.

He said that since August Shepherd had stopped seeing his long-term doctor and his drug use quickly got out-of-control.

Shepherd was using a gram of heroin daily.

"His life at the time was about maintaining his habit," he said, adding that Shepherd had struggled with his mental health since he was a teenager.

"His self-medicating became out-of-control, but he did not see himself as engaging in anti-social behaviour."

Mr Rabl said his client had spent five months on bail, including a four-month stint support by the Court Integrated Services Program.

He said Shepherd was booked in to start rehabilitation at Odyssey House on May 28.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said  Shepherd had been charged with a range of serious trafficking offences: "You've got everything. You name it, you had it".

She said Shepherd would be given every opportunity to attend rehab but he needed to continue providing clean drug screens.

The magistrate said she also had to consider the negative impact Shepherd could have on the community.

She was also very concerned he had been arrested at a university bus/train stop.