No solar barbecue for Koroit

A DISAPPOINTED Koroit Lions Club has had to hand back $21,500 in grants after an environmental project it was pursuing was shelved.

The club wanted to construct a solar barbecue at the Koroit Railway Station but failed to get support from Moyne Shire Council for the project.

Council said it would provide $20,000 of funding through its community assistance fund on the condition the barbecue was set up to use a traditional power source rather than solar.

The $21,500 in grants from the Alan Lane ($1500), South West Community ($5000), Gwen and Edna Jones ($10,000) and Ubergang ($5000) foundations were all sourced through the Lions club with the expectation the project would be solar powered. The Lions club had committed $40,000 to the project.

Koroit Lions Club member John Featherby said the decision to cancel the project was made at the club’s last buisness meeting.

“After 12 months hard work trying to raise funds and do all the planning, we are very disappointed with having to make this decision,” Mr Featherby said.

“The decision was forced on us by Moyne Shire Council, who we had asked to take ownership of the barbecue and shelter once it was completed.

“The council told us they would only support the project if the Lions club took full responsibility for all costs involved with the solar operation of the barbecue for all time.

“We feel that as this would be a community asset, it was a strange decision.”