Residents urged to raise concerns about noisy neighbours

BARKING dogs and loud music late at night are among the pet peeves for south-west residents.

People shared their views on what they found frustrating in residential areas as the Environment Protection Authority prepares to review its noise regulations.

EPA chief executive officer Niall Finegan encouraged residents to have their say on what they think is acceptable behaviour in residential areas when it comes to noise.

“We’re reviewing the regulations around noise and we want to hear from Victorians as to what are the type of things that annoy them, when does it annoy them and what is a reasonable community standard,” he said.

“We really want people’s input, we want to understand what irritates you, what’s important,” Mr Niall said.

Other complaints from readers included loud rubbish trucks at early hours of the morning and motorbikes being used on vacant land.

There were even a number of complaints about the sound of church bells on Sunday mornings.

“We have had renovations in our street since we moved here three years ago,” wrote one frustrated resident on The Standard’s Facebook page.

“Most start at 7.30am and have ended at 9pm Monday-Sunday.”

Another resident said they were frustrated by noisy neighbours, despite living out of the city.

“Ours is dogs barking non stop from every direction, hoons flying down our road and early lawn mowers on a Sunday morning,” one resident posted.

Mr Niall said people showing disregard for reasonable social standards were, in some cases, breaking the law.

“We get complaints about noisy trucks, noisy cars and noisy motorbikes,” he said.

“When your enjoyment is impacted, that’s when it’s unreasonable.”

Mr Niall encouraged people to talk to neighbours if they had an issue with an unreasonable amount of noise.

“Have the conversation with your neighbour,” he said.

Residential noise regulations

  • It is not acceptable to use a lawn mower or other grass cutting device before 7am and after 8pm on weekdays and before 9am and after 8pm on weekends.
  • It is not acceptable to use an electric power tool, chain or circular saw, gas or air compressor, pneumatic power tool, hammer and any other impacting tool before 7am and after 8pm on weekdays and before 9am and after 8pm on weekends.
  • Email to provide feedback.