Shane Young jailed for ice dealing and having a sawn-off rifle under his bed

​A COMMERCIAL ice user/dealer, who even built petrol costs into his drug prices and was caught with a sawn-off rifle under his bed, has been sentenced to jail.

Shane Young, 28, of Timor Street, Warrnambool, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to a range of charges including trafficking ice and possession of a firearm.

He was jailed for two months and placed on a 12-month community corrections order with conditions he do 120 hours of community work as well as assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and programs as requested. 

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said no good conclusion could be drawn from Young’s combination of offences - drug trafficking and possession of the sawn-off firearm.

She said there were far too many guns in the community for sinister purposes. 

Police raided Young’s home at 5.45pm on October 27 last year.

Officers found a sawn-off bolt action .22 rifle under his bed in a black carry case and a small amount of ice.

There were a large number of messages relating to drug dealing found on his mobile phone to clients named Rambo, Lismore, Brent and Markey in the previous three months.

Ms Toose said it was clear that Young had been running a commercial drug operation and even built the costs of petrol into his prices for crystal methylamphetamine.

Young claimed he was looking after the gun for a friend, who was in trouble, and he was selling drugs to cover the cost of his own daily habit. 

He said he never took money off his partner and his baby son never went without. 

Young said he bought large amounts of drugs and sold half, he was struggling to avoid daily use but hoped to cut back for the sake of his son.

The court was told that Young started using cannabis and amphetamine during his teenage years, he had picked fruit around Australia and started using ice about five years ago. 

Since the police raid, he claims to have gone cold turkey off drugs, he was extremely embarrassed he had put his young family at risk and was a good propect of rehabilitation. 

The magistrate said she was unimpressed that Young had gone to the the Western Region Aalcohol and Drug centre the day before the plea hearing.

She was told that Young had attended five sessions at WRAD before getting a letter of support on Thursday. 

Young is considering appealing the severity of his sentence.